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amazon_syren's Journal

7 November 1979
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I am a very tall, queer femme poet, model, pagan, and pornographer.
As a model, I've been featured on the cover of This Is My Letter to the World by Cathrynne M. Valente and on the Unholy Harvest 2011 website (not that you can tell, unless you happen to recognize my shoes). As a poet, my work has appeared in Vagina Dentata, Venus in Scorpio, Whorespeak, bywords.ca, and the Bywords Quarterly Journal. I am one half of the queer women’s literotica troupe Honeyed Tongues, and I blog about feminism, sex work, gender, kink at Syrens and about urban agriculture, paganism, cooking, foraging, food preservation, and animism at Urban Meliad (links goes to the LJ-RSS feed). I co-organize the women's spoken word showcase Voices of Venus (link goes to the LJ-RSS freed for the VoV blog, fyi). You can find my online modeling portfolio here. Please feel free to check it out.

Palimpsest Emerges
Photo by Janine Flood

Photo by Mark Prest

I also have a dreamwidth account (amazon_syren) -- though, I confess, I don't use it all that much -- and can be found on twitter.
amanda ganon, ancient and pre-historic civilization, ani difranco, annie lennox, anthropology, anthropology of religion, apocalyptica, archery, audrey lorde, baking, barbara kingsolver, bdsm, belinda mcclory, bella morte, bikini kill, birth, bisexuality, bones, boys in eyeliner, bpal, burlesque, butch/femme, carol christ, cat stevens, catherynne m. valente, charles de lint, children, compost, convergence, cooking, cruxshadows, dancing, discworld, eco femenism, eco-paganism, erotica, fairies, fairy tales, fantasy, fashion, fashion design, feminism, femme, femme solidarity and love, fencing, fertility, fetish, fiction, francesca lia block, gender, gender theory, goblin fruit, goddess religion, goddesses, goth, guy gavriel kay, heather dale, herbalism, high heels, holly black, humanities, identity fluid, jacqueline carey, jewellery, kathryn payne, kink, kitchen witchcraft, leah lakshmi piepzna-samarasinha, lesbian erotica, loreena mckennitt, luna allison, magic(k), masks, matrix femslash, meat packing industry designs, megan butcher, menarche, menopause, menstruation, middle eastern dance, midwifery, modeling, mommy/girl, monstrous regiment, music, mythic fiction, nalo hopkinson, naomi wolf, neo-burlesque, neo-paganism, niel gaiman, nietzsche, opera, organic gardening, ottawa goth scene, paganism, palaeoanthropology, performing, permaculture, pin-up art, poetry, polly/mal, polyamoury, pornography, pregnancy, priestess anness, queer theory, reconstructionist religion, recycled clothing, regina spektor, religious studies, sex work, sex workers' rights, sex-magic, sexuality, sexuality studies, sexy librarians, shamanism, shoes, singing, spiders, spoken word, squash, subcultures, symphonic metal, tamora pierce, tanith lee, tea parties, terry pratchett, the granola girl cafe, the rasmus, the tea party, thealogy, trans* rights, trinity/switch, university, vampires, vegan/vegetarian recipes, voices of venus, wild foods, women's community, writing